Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Happy 4th Birthday Ryder Roo!

Happy 4th Birthday Joshua Ryder Taylor!!!!!

It was of course, love at first sight.

Oh, Ryder, or Roo as we call him, oh how I just love that little boy.  I can believe he is going to be 4, but I can't believe I'm going to have to send him off to Pre School this summer.  I'm going to be awful at letting him go.  I have so greatly enjoyed spending my days with him.  This boy has the best imagination ever.  He is so sweet and cuddly.  He will tell you he loves you about every 4 minutes.  

His favorite things:
Color:  Blue, pink is yuck         Dessert:  Chocolate        Food:  PB & J, Apple juice
Favorite toy:  Changes daily but revolves around batman and joker
Favorite movie:  Lego Batman or Ninja Turtles    Favorite songs:  Jim Gill CD
Favorite thing to do outside:  4 wheeler and trampoline        
Favorite book:  Caps 4 Sale & Move Over Rover
Favorite thing to do with dad:  Mow or 4 wheeler
Favorite thing to do with mom:  Jump on the trampoline
Favorite thing to do with Rylee:  Play Ninja Turtles
Favorite stuffed animal:  Frosty, and Christopher the bear
Funny thing about me:  Ryder takes more stuff to bed with him then anyone I know. He also changes what he brings with him nightly.  After he falls asleep I move it all, because who wants to roll over on King Koopas spikes.

He was such a happy baby 

Loved his 'finer' my goodness!

This boy has had 'hair' from the beginning 

When he was little, and chubby,  Rylee would be in bed already and we would put Ryder up on the bed with us until he went off to bed.  I loved those little moments with him.

1st taste of Toomers Lemonade :)

They are the best of friends, even through the fighting :)

1st Birthday

Not sure what he thinks about snow at this point 

Farm boy 

Joker is his FAVORITE

Pretending to be daddy

Party on Wayne!

War Eagle!